Epson and Monica Stevenson collaborate on creating a legacy….

As a fine art and commercial photographer, one of the most important aspects of creating art is the collaborative process. It’s working with a team of visionaries to bring a shared idea to life.

One collaboration in particular that has been incredibly instrumental to my work is my partnership with EPSON.

It’s a journey that began a little something like this:

Two EPSON guys walk into New York City camera store FOTOCARE NYC.

Something stops them in their tracks.

A piece of art hanging on the wall.

A splash of color.

Suspended in the air, it formed the shape of a shoe.

A purple pump, specifically.

Something about it walked the line between creative and technique.

They wanted to know more. (alt: A partnership was born.)

To have the team at EPSON approach me about featuring “purple shoe splash” was a monumental moment for me.

This artwork is one of my favorites because the process involved in creating it was so multi-layered. In all of my commercial and fine art work, I try to infuse movement, technique and often a little bit of wit. For me, this trio brings the unexpected, and often the unseen to the surface.

At the end of the day, the longevity and permanence of the art is so important. What I love is that EPSON’s new ink technology allows every layer and detail to come to life in this print.

For EPSON, it’s all about quality and clarity. And for me, the print itself is my fine art work.

It means a great deal to be featured in this video. To have the opportunity to share a bit about my process and vision with you, as well as a piece of art born from the beauty of creative collaboration.

This (post) is dedicated to Epson campaign photographer Tim Mantoani who lost his life to cancer in October, 2016. He was 47 years old. 



-Monica Stevenson

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