Behind The Scenes With My Shoot for AndroidWear

This shoot for AndroidWear was such a fun opportunity. It required a whole lot of creativity, some great collaboration efforts, 8 unusually good looking hands (only 4 of which were featured), and of course an assortment of beautiful watches from AndroidWear.
This job came to me because of my previous work in jewelry and still life photography. My style of photography, especially in jewelry and watches, focuses on capturing the details of the subject that often go unnoticed.
In this case, we focused on capturing the character that each watch portrayed, some of which was unexpected. The watches from Google are marketed to a young, fashionable crowd, so the angle of the ad was to encourage buyers to “Wear What You Want”. To properly execute this vision, I collaborated with Marie Yan Morvan to style the clothes and watches. She paired a dainty woman’s hand with a more bulky time piece, something unexpected, while also pairing a more professional, simple time piece with a man’s hand sporting a suit, something quite expected. We needed to capture the idea that the buyer can purchase whichever watch best fits their lifestyle and more importantly, their personality.
That was what made the job so fun. Even though we were photographing hands, we had to bring out the personalities of the people through their hands. We had to capture smiles, expressions, and feelings through their sleeves, fingernails, and the placement of their fingers.
It was a challenge, and it was a blast.
Some of these shots put us in some hilarious situations.
We had 4 people sitting very closely, their arms intertwined, some standing and reaching over each other. In order to pull off the look we wanted, we were quite literally playing a game of Twister!
Ultimately, we captured exactly what we were hoping for. A vibrant, colorful shot that portrayed the individual charisma offered by each watch.
It was a delightful day and I was thrilled to end with a photo that accurately represented the product and company as a whole.


-Monica Stevenson









Stylist: Marie Yan Morvan @marieyan

Creative Director: Frederic Carpenter, Theory House @fpcarpenter

Assistant Photographer: Alaric Campbell @alaricphoto

Photo Assistants: Thomas Ignatius @thomasignatius, David Burlacu @zeedavid

Manicurist: Ana Maria Georghou

Casting/Producer: Stephanie Cohen