Charlie_ Horse and equestrian photography by Monica Stevenson


Monica Stevenson’s fine art photography draws from her knowledge of the rich history of the equestrian tradition as well as her ability to apply this to contemporary art.

Featuring horses and all things equestrian, the work is a graceful compilation of Monica’s passions and creating collections that leave lasting impressions of carefully crafted photographs.

The gallery includes work done for Cartier, Dresch Saddles, Ed Razek, Isabella+Sophia Strahan & more…


Private commissions and commercial dog photography require an intricate and intimate collaboration with clients, the animals, and the landscape. The creative process for fine art photography is deep and personal for us.

The compositions and settings are meticulously explored, and the intent is to illuminate the beauty and grace of your furry friends.

The gallery includes commercial work done for Noble Dog & others along with private commissions for pet owners.


The focus of portrait and private commissions photography with human subjects is on establishing comfort and capturing the right moment.

The devil is in the details with fine art photography and that’s what we do best for you.

Check out the gallery to see a host of private commissions done over the years..

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